Heather Roper

Heather grew up in the foothills of East Tennessee. She is a rabid
Vols fan, avid reader, and enjoys baking. Traveling is also a great interest. She has been to Panama, England, Ireland, Mexico, & Canada. Additionally, she and Patrick have been to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Southern New Mexico, and all the highways between Texas and Maryville, TN. In 1998 she graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors in Spanish and International Business and from the University of Texas - Arlington in 2009 with an MBA. Though the only child of Rick & Linda Roper, she has a large, well loved extended family.

Patrick St. Jean

Patrick was raised in Rhode Island, but moved south as soon as he could, so don’t hold that against him. He is an avid motorcyclist, riding thousands of miles throughout the U.S. and Canada. He also enjoys off-road adventures in his Jeep. He has been making his own beer and mead for years now, some batches of which will be served at the reception. He graduated from the
University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Information Technology and will complete his Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois at Springfield in May.

How We Met

It's all
John Ringo's fault, and he has been made aware of this.  His book, March to the Sea, sparked a conversation. And the rest, as they say, is history.